Tips from the pro

The following tips are for guidance only, we are not responsible for damage to your wallpapers What does it mean to wash the wallpaper, how to maintain it, what are the different methods used, how to erase the stains from a wallpaper? ?  Like most coatings, the wallpaper is also subject to soiling.  Here are some tips for removing stubborn stains:

Why leach wallpaper?

With time, the walls are subject to dust, grease, traces, etc.  In order to keep walls elegant and clean it is necessary to maintain them.  To avoid an expensive solution related to the complete repair of your walls, we will suggest methods and tips for cleaning non-leachable wallpapers.

How to wash a wallpaper?

Washing a washable wallpaper  Before going to leaching it is essential to dust it off. You can use a broom, a brush or a vacuum cleaner.  Then use lukewarm water mixed with a soap solution or ammonia mixed with water,  Beware of the dosage of too aggressive products.  Immerse your sponge in the container that contains the mixture, wring it out and gently rub it on the wall. If you are faced with stubborn stains, scrub them with a little insistence, until the dirt disappears completely.  Once your cleaning is complete, dry it with a clean, dry cloth.  Clean non-leachable wallpaper  Non-leachable wallpaper may deteriorate rapidly under the effect of water.  Maintain it with a soft bristle brush.

How to remove a stain on a wallpaper?

Identify the spot  Make sure the wallpaper is washable: see instructions on the packaging. If you do not have the packaging, test on a piece of unexposed wallpaper (behind a piece of furniture)    It is important to be gentle in your interventions and each of your maneuvers.

Erase finger stains on a wallpaper

You can use a clean eraser. On washable wallpaper, a sponge and soapy water are enough.

Clear mildew stains on the wallpaper

Mix one volume of bleach with five volumes of clean water. Rub gently with cotton swabs, the mold will disappear.

Clear ink stains on the wallpaper

It is important that you intervene quickly, because if you let the ink dry, it will be harder to remove.  Use a paper towel to remove excess ink and then wash with soapy water. To remove the stain, use a cloth slightly moistened with acetone or alcohol. Similarly, a mixture of baking soda and water will succeed in overcoming ink stains or made by a marker.  By cons, on non-washable wallpaper, so as not to degrade it, then use an eraser.

Clear grease stains on the wallpaper

Apply talc, starch, flour or Sommières earth.When you have powdered the stain, wait 4 to 8 hours before performing a gentle brushing (soft brush).  Then mix some dish soap and lukewarm water. With the help of a sponge, you should get rid of greasy stains.

Clear rust stains on the wallpaper

To eliminate it, mix lemon juice and salt. Use cotton dipped in the solution and apply it on the stain. Finally, clean it with a damp sponge.